Thursday, July 20, 2006

When You Have to Supplement

There comes a time for one reason or another that you might find yourself supplementing your baby with formula. Or perhaps your baby is completely dependent on formula. While we all know that breast milk is best, there are just times when your baby is going to get formula. This isn't about what kind to use, or how often to feed your baby; it is about something even more important: the water you mix with your formula.

If you buy powdered formula, it has to be mixed with water. I almost passed out when I read, while flipping through a baby magazine, a doctor say that any water is perfectly okay, even water directly from the tap. Just typing that is turning my stomach. Ugh. When my son was just home from the hospital, we were supplementing with formula and we boiled the water from the tap. THAT wasn't even enough. He got the worst diarrhea! I was not quite as smart back then, and today we ONLY drink distilled water.

You should use distilled water for your baby formula, to water down your toddler's juice, and for YOU, especially if you are nursing. I did not realize this, but you can ruin your child's teeth if you drink a lot of fluoridated water while you are pregnant. Not to mention,
fluoride can cause tons of other problems. But that's not the only reason to use distilled water (filters do not remove fluoride, but distillation does).

Learn more about drinking distilled water, and you will probably realize that it is the purest form of water available. Better yet, using your own home distilled water is a good way to ensure that your distilled water IS actually distilled and not just claimed on the label. For penny pinchers, the best part is...home distilled water comes out cheaper in the end than buying bottled water that you don't really know the history of (did they get it from a tap?)

If you have any questions about drinking distilled water, please do not hesitate to ask. You can also find
books on the subject if you want to hear from people with medical degrees!

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