Thursday, September 07, 2006

BabyLegs- A Must-Have for New Parents

Oh my gosh, I can't believe these weren't around when I had babies! Luckily I do have a 3 year old who can wear BabyLegs, but it would have been MUCH easier back in the diaper changing days! BabyLegs are basically tubes, sort of like long socks without the feet in them. They can be used on the legs or the arms. A great use for them for younger babies is to cover the part of their legs that get uncovered when they are worn in a carrier or backpack. The BabyLegs company has lovingly coined this "gapiosis" and when it's COLD outside "gapiosis" is no joke! I don't like having skin exposed myself, I can't imagine what babies think!

Since they don't cover the bottom, BabyLegs make diaper changes easier, and potty training even easier! My daughter is a dress girl and she has SO many pairs of tights. But she went through a spell of frequent urinary tract infections and we constantly had to change her tights. I also can't wait to use them under her nightgowns when it is cold. Oh...she is also starting dance class next cute is THAT going to be? LOL

Anyway, thought I'd jump on and mention them real quick. BabyLegs are da BOMB!

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