Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dr. Nancy Snyderman Calls Parents Selfish for Not Vaccinating Children

If you have done your own proper research, you will see the holes in Dr. Snyderman's comments on the Today Show. Unfortunately, the common viewer of shows like Today is usually busy doing other things, half hearing what is said, and believing the instruction that comes from someone with the title of, "Doctor." In case you missed it, below is the segment in question. After you watch it, please visit herd immunity, since you are being misled in this video about herd immunity. It is a myth. You might be left wondering, "If my unvaccinated child is putting others at risk, isn't that suggesting that the vaccines aren't working for the vaccinated children?"
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Friday, November 18, 2011

Treating Baby Eczema

If your baby has developed eczema, you need a lotion developed particularly for eczema in order to keep her skin moisturized after bathing. Also, you probably need to use a different baby wash, which may be causing the eczema to begin with. An excellent line of all natural baby products was developed when a mom discovered that her baby's eczema was actually caused by the soap and lotion she was using on her baby. I'm writing about this now because I saw the lotion being put on a child to moisturize her skin and help prevent or get rid of her eczema. Not only was it laden with unpronounceable ingredients, but it also reeked of fragrance. While the scent may be pleasing to the nose, it is one of the worst things to use when it comes to eczema! For the best all natural products, visit my internet store Eve's Best. For moisturizing dry skin common to eczema, we have an unscented baby lotion as well as a body butter. We also have unscented baby wash that will clean your baby without drying her skin, or causing an eczema flare up. I do urge you to continue searching for the cause of your baby's eczema. It could be something you are eating if you breastfeed, or it could be an allergy to something in your baby's formula. Sometimes the cause is discovered on accident, but you will be more likely to discover the cause if you are actively searching for it. Good luck!

Sunday, November 06, 2011

"The Greater Good" Vaccine Movie

Until November 8, 2011, you can view this movie for FREE! I watched it yesterday and it's a must watch for ALL parents...even if you think those anti-vaccine parents are wacky. I remember thinking that until I really started looking at both sides of the issue, which are perfectly portrayed in this movie. Watch it now!
The Greater Good