Thursday, January 10, 2013

Research on Parenting

I just came across this article at the perfect time. It's funny how things come into your life in a sense of order, like it wasn't an accident. But everything I'd learned in college or by experience about brain development, came together when I learned specifically about Grown Wounded Children, and then this article fell into my First, the article is here. It's pretty common sense, and if you consider yourself a natural parent or practice attachment parenting, you probably already know what the article says (that you are right :)

Now, you may not have heard about Grown Wounded Children (GWC) before and maybe you are asking "whaaaat?" Watch the video below, but in a nutshell, it describes the problems one may have as an adult when he has grown up in a low nurturance environment. "Low nurturance" can range from not getting enough attention, to being abused. Peter Gerlach below discusses the symptoms of many GWC, but even more importantly, he provides information on how to recover from having a low nurturance childhood. I'm discussing this here because not only do we want to make sure to provide a nurturing environment for our babies and kids, some people may not know how because of their own wounds, or because they are unable to bond with their own kids. This might open a door for you. Here you are...

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