Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Letter to Kroger Regarding Nursery Water on Baby Food Aisle

It's been a REALLY long time since I've paid any attention to the baby food aisle. My son is twelve, and my daughter got homemade baby food, so it's been about ten years or so. I needed jarred prunes for ketchup (remember when it used to be spelled "catsup"?) recipe, so I made my way down the aisle, only to be horrified by what I discovered.

Nursery Water.

If you're not aware of this product, it's basically fluoridated water for babies. The problem is, the CDC decided back in 2007 that baby formula should not be mixed with fluoridated water. And there it was, six years later, right next to the powdered formula, obviously for that purpose. I don't have babies anymore. But I could not just let it sit. So I sent an email to Kroger letting them know of this problem. Perhaps you shop at Wal-mart; I think they sell it, too. I will see if they remove the Nursery Water or not. Here is what I sent, in case you would like to use any part of this to notify your local Kroger or Wal-mart store of this problem:

While shopping for jarred prunes in the baby aisle for a ketchup recipe recently, I was horrified to see that "Nursery Water" is still being sold in your stores. In 2007, the CDC warned against using fluoridated water to make baby formula. When you place this product right next to the formula and baby food, it's implied that this water is safe for babies, including reconstituting formula. While I would not use it either, a safer alternative is reverse osmosis water that you sell in the bottled water aisle. Please look into this and remove "Nursery Water" from your shelves. Thank you.

I will report back if I see the product removed...

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